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On The Town... With Chip Deffaa... (July 2, 2014) <= new
The City Center Encores production of Jonathan Larson's tick, tick...BOOM! is the best show I've seen anywhere in a good while. , by Chip Deffaa on July 2

Editor’S Notes: 2014 Tonys Love “Murder,” “Hedwig,” “Raisin,” “Beautiful” And Audra
Three of the top acting awards went to performers playing real people: LBJ, Billie Holiday and Carole King, as well as the fictional Hedwig., by Victor Gluck on June 11

Features & Interviews

Interview With Caleb Ryan, Producer Of A Broadway Smile Benefit For Operation Smile, June 10Th <= new
"Having something else that is more important than yourself is really the best way I know of being self fulfilled", by Jack Quinn on June 27

Reflections On The New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival <= new
An impressive and rewarding festival of contemporary electroacoustic music with 31 concerts, 2 installations and 3 workshops., by Jean Ballard Terepka on June 26

Ayckbourn Ensemble: “Arrivals & Departures,” “Farcicals: A Double Bill Of Frivolous Comedies” And “Time Of My Life” <= new
British master sends us a comedy, a tragedy and a drama not seen here before with his superb casts from Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough., by Victor Gluck on June 16

The 28Th Annual Mac Awards
A marvelous marathon evening of competitive and honorary awards celebrating the Manhattan cabaret scene featuring new and veteran entertainers. , by Darryl Reilly on Mar. 31

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra And May Festival, Dett's The Ordering Of Moses
Reflections on a beautiful performance of an important choral work., by Jean Ballard Terepka on May 13


Holler If Ya Hear Me <= new
The bleak life in The Hood is the setting for this compellingly presented gritty musical inspired by Tupac Shakur and using his rap lyrics. , by Darryl Reilly on June 28

A Gentleman's Guide To Love & Murder
Charming and entertaining new musical from the same material as “Kind Hearts and Coronets” in British music hall style., by Victor Gluck on Dec. 12

A huge, new production of a huge, ever now hit, Alan Cumming, Michelle Williams, Linda Emond and Danny Burstein shine., by Eugene Paul on May 4

An interesting and touching early musical from the composer of "Shrek," "Caroline, or Change," and "Fun Home.", by Eric Grunin on May 2

Hedwig And The Angry Inch
Magnetic Neil Patrick Harris is the dazzling centerpiece in this kinetically presented Broadway revival of the offbeat cult rock musical. , by Darryl Reilly on Apr. 26

Bullets Over Broadway
A great big splashy old-fashioned musical with songs from the ‘20’s, gags from then ‘til now and uninhibited choreography., by Eugene Paul on Apr. 18

Devotees of Broadway belters are destined to flock to Idina Menzel’s huge sounds in her new show filled with good company. , by Eugene Paul on Apr. 6

A true Disney magic carpet ride of opulent costumes, dazzling sets, creative choreography, savvy showbiz shtick and a Genie for all time. , by Staff Reviewer on Mar. 26

Beautiful - The Carole King Musical
A feel good evening of special delight to her fans and all those who just want a slick, nostalgic, music-packed evening., by Staff Reviewer on Jan. 29

Broadway:Plays with Music

Lady Day At Emerson’S Bar & Grill
A stunning tour de force. Audra McDonald brings all her resources to a crescendo of performance art as Billie Holiday., by Eugene Paul on Apr. 21


Casa Valentina
Absorbing new play by Harvey Fierstein with a starry cast about straight men in 1962 who meet to enjoy letting out their feminine side. , by Victor Gluck on May 12

Act One
Engrossing but leisurely adaptation of Moss Hart’s memoir depicting his rise from poverty to first Broadway hit with George S. Kaufman. , by Victor Gluck on May 5

The Cripple Of Inishmaan
Daniel Radcliffe and the Michael Grandage Company give a scouring, hilarious drubbing to the inanities of isolated Irish in 1934., by Eugene Paul on Apr. 27

Of Mice And Men
Chris O’Dowd disappears so completely into the role of mentally challenged Lennie that he is giving the best performance of the season. , by Victor Gluck on Apr. 24

The Realistic Joneses
Will Eno’s first Broadway play written in his own inimitable style will have as many advocates as detractors even with four major stars., by Victor Gluck on Apr. 17

A Raisin In The Sun
Denzel Washington returns to Broadway in a superb revival of the now classic 1959 play that seems like it could have been written today. , by Victor Gluck on Apr. 10

The audience stands and moves around while being bombarded by a sensory overload of old and new “Fuerza Bruta” acrobatic and musical acts, by Darryl Reilly on July 12


Wikimusical <= new
Satirizing Internet culture is a fine idea, but without solid storytelling it all goes horribly wrong., by Eric Grunin on July 23

Der Gelbe Stern
A Jewish cabaret performer in 1933 Berlin faces the change in the air, and possibly the end of her career., by Eric Grunin on July 17

Clinton: The Musical <= new
The Macarena and a stained blue dress are in this puerile satirical rehash of Bill, Hillary, and the other Clinton era figures and events., by Darryl Reilly on July 23

As We Lie Still <= new
In 1920, an aged magician recounts his past triumphs and tragedies in this ambitious uneven new dramatic musical with a heavenly angle., by Darryl Reilly on July 21

Deployed <= new
Feminist Iraq war musical shoots itself in the foot with musical and thematic clichés. , by Daniel J. Lee on July 21

Pump Boys And Dinettes
It was a good ole time at this spirited revival of the original country pop music revue set at a North Carolina diner and gas station. , by Darryl Reilly on July 17

Old-fashioned, lightweight, mildly entertaining drag spoof set at a national beauty competition for women sponsored by a cosmetics company., by Darryl Reilly on July 15

Fictional appearance by Sharon Stone is part of the comic outlandishness of this goofy sci-fi musical about a boy genius’ wacky experiments., by Darryl Reilly on July 10

Gertrude Stein Saints! <= new
Theater Plastique creates a joyful postmodern mosaic, with a big boost from Gertrude Stein., by Eric Grunin on June 22

The Zombies: A Musical <= new
Fresh talented cast engagingly performing broadly energizes this uneven rambunctious musical spoof of small-town under-siege zombie films., by Darryl Reilly on June 18

Rugantino <= new
This 50th-Anniversary tour of a beloved Italian Romanesco musical is a treat, but only for those who know the language. , by Eric Grunin on June 14

The Anthem <= new
A freewheeling youthful rock musical loosely adapted from an Ayn Rand novella, enlivened by circus acrobatics and one of the Village People., by Darryl Reilly on June 11

Irma La Douce
A classic champagne is decanted and found wanting—is it the vintage, or is the sommelier at fault?, by Eric Grunin on June 1

Here Lies Love
The nightclub atmosphere makes David Byrne's rags to riches Imelda Marcos multimedia musical an exhilarating visual and aural happening. , by Darryl Reilly on May 10

Forbidden Broadway Comes Out Swinging!
The latest edition of the long running satirical revue mercilessly skewers the contemporary Broadway scene with biting songs and sketches., by Darryl Reilly on May 5

Heathers: The Musical
This faithful strident musical adaptation of the 80's h.s. vengeful misfits black comedy cult film makes for debatable entertainment. , by Darryl Reilly on Apr. 28

Inventing Mary Martin
An affectionate and very expertly conceived biographical musical revue about a legendary leading lady of the Golden Age of Broadway., by Darryl Reilly on Apr. 27

The Threepenny Opera
A revival of the Marc Blitzstein adaptation is a rather grim and colorless concoction in the hands of director/choreographer Martha Clarke. , by Victor Gluck on Apr. 14

America's Sweetheart
A rarely revived Rodgers and Hart satire of Hollywood on the brink of the sound revolution turns out to be good fun with an unfamiliar score. , by Victor Gluck on Apr. 8


Mary Poppins
Magical Mary Poppins, the Perfect Nanny, is alive and well, sailing through the airy reaches of Westchester, enchanted kids in thrall., by Eugene Paul on May 26

A Glorious, Broadway-sized staging of a portrait of America at the turn of the 20th Century., by Edward Lieberman on Mar. 24


Picture Ourselves In Latvia
A terrific ensemble cast can't quite make up for the lack of drama in Ross Howard's allegorical tragicomedy., by Eric Grunin on July 17

The Religion Thing
A thought-provoking, well-written script that leaves those paying attention a bit wiser about what is important in life and relationships., by Constance Radut on July 8

The Muscles In Our Toes
A rollicking night of absurdity quickly becomes a muddled examination of racism, sexuality, and male homosocial relationships. , by Daniel J. Lee on July 7

Clown Bar
An uproarious mélange of classic film noir crime drama, burlesque musical sequences and lots of clowns, set and performed in a nightclub., by Darryl Reilly on July 6

Donogoo <= new
Mint’s second Jules Romains play in a new translation satirizes a giant scam of stock market and real estate speculators. , by Victor Gluck on June 30

The Village Bike <= new
Provocative new British play starring Greta Gerwig in her NY stage debut examines female sexuality and male attitudes towards women and sex., by Victor Gluck on June 26

When We Were Young And Unafraid <= new
Director Pam MacKinnon mounts a splendid production, with a superb cast in playwright Sarah Treem’s engrossing play. Go!, by Eugene Paul on June 26

Much Ado About Nothing <= new
Big entertaining Shakespearean comedy reset in Victorian era reteams Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater as feuding lovers Beatrice and Benedick., by Victor Gluck on June 23

These Troubled Times <= new
An amiable gay uncle in Florida battles bigotry and space aliens in this “Twilight Zone” style allegory intended for young adult audiences., by Darryl Reilly on June 23

Power Plays <= new
For their fourth annual short play festival, TBTB has commissioned works by five of today’s star playwrights., by Eugene Paul on June 16

And If You Lose Your Way, Or A Food Odyssey <= new
A clever spirited reinvention of Homer’s “Odyssey” performed in a Brooklyn loft with music, symbolic food to eat and audience participation., by Darryl Reilly on June 15

Within The Law <= new
One hundred year old melodrama filmed six times still packs quite a punch as it portrays injustices between the haves and have nots. , by Victor Gluck on June 14

When January Feels Like Summer <= new
Author Cori Thomas gives us an open-hearted romantic comedy that's refreshingly free of cliché. , by Eric Grunin on June 11

The Killer
Theatre for a New Audience offers the first revival of Ionesco’s play in Darko Tresnjak’s production of a new Michael Feingold translation., by Victor Gluck on June 9

Double Crossed: The Ballad Of Rodrigo
A richly detailed and stylized theatrical homage to film noir crime dramas with a very intense cast and an archetypally circuitous plot. , by Darryl Reilly on June 4

The Tragedy Of Dandelion
This Shakespearean pastiche has well-turned verses, but the story doesn't hold together., by Eric Grunin on June 4

The Diorama
There is no diorama but there is an igloo, two women, three men and the problems involved in match ups., by Eugene Paul on June 2

A Fable
A shrill self-indulgent satirical fantasia that explores the meaning of life through classic theatrical forms including the Brechtian. , by Darryl Reilly on June 1

Off-Broadway:Solo Performance

Satchmo At The Waldorf
Theater critic Terry Teachout scratches beneath the surface of a jazz legend in his new one-man play starring John Douglas Thompson. , by Deirdre Donovan on Mar. 23

Riding The Midnight Express
Previously chronicled in popular book and movie, Billy Hayes’ grim drug smuggling Turkish prison saga is now a compelling theatrical monologue. , by Darryl Reilly on Feb. 6


Peggy Eason: “I’Ll Show Them All!”
The Chocolate Diva packs the house at Don’t Tell Mama with her one-woman show., by Constance Radut on June 12

Megan Hilty At The Café Carlyle
The television series Smash star and Broadway performer makes her Café Carlyle cabaret debut in a captivatingly performed well paced show., by Darryl Reilly on May 29


Broadway By The Year: The Broadway Musicals Of 1990 - 2014 <= new
Like the era it covered this exhilarating show was all over the place with rock, pop, jukebox tunes, and thrilling tango and tap numbers., by Darryl Reilly on June 27

Quintet Of The Americas: “Wind Chamber Music From 1983-2014 By Roberto Sierra”
Two fine new pieces by Roberto Sierra are the highlights of a thoughtfully-chosen and well-played program., by Eric Grunin on June 6

92Y’S Lyrics & Lyricists Series: “Panning For Gold: Great Songs From Flop Shows” <= new
A splendid concert celebrating songs salvaged from failed Broadway musicals was well performed by a talented cast of notable entertainers., by Darryl Reilly on June 3

Broadway By The Year: The Broadway Musicals Of 1965 – 1989
The latest edition of this eclectic subjective historical survey concert series was ultimately highly entertaining and very accomplished., by Darryl Reilly on May 14


Marilyn Maye: The 14Th Annual Kathryn W. Stein Memorial Concert <= new
It was a euphoric afternoon as the radiant singing legend performed a glorious swinging matinee concert of classic Broadway and pop songs. , by Darryl Reilly on June 17


The Collegiate Chorale: David Lang's Battle Hymns <= new
Dense musical sound and human meaning presented on the historic Intrepid air-craft carrier and museum., by Jean Ballard Terepka on May 26

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra And May Festival, Dett's The Ordering Of Moses
Reflections on a beautiful performance of an important choral work., by Jean Ballard Terepka on May 13

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra And May Festival, Adams Harmonium And Dett The Ordeing Of Moses
A remarkable and rewarding evening of gorgeous and powerful American music., by Jean Ballard Terepka on May 13

The Cecilia Chorus Of New York With Orchestra: Vaughan Williams, Cipullo, Brahms And Bruckner
A lovely evening, featuring three wonderful familiar works and an exciting Tom Cipullo premiere., by Jean Ballard Terepka on May 10

New York Choral Society And Orchestra: Holst And Higdon
An evening of passionate and dramatic music, including a New York City Jennifer Higdon premiere, gorgeously presented and happily received., by Jean Ballard Terepka on May 5


The Tender Land <= new
American master Aaron Copland swore off opera after this, but Chelsea Opera suggests it's worth another look. , by Eric Grunin on June 24

Waking In New York: A Chamber-Opera By Elodie Lauten With Libretto By Allen Ginsberg <= new
A beautiful performance of a remarkable work on the last weekend of the composer's life., by Jean Ballard Terepka on June 13

Gothic Chamber Opera: The Raven, Music By Toshio Hosokawa, Libretto By Edgar Allen Poe <= new
An astonishingly beautiful evening of Poe-inspired music, including a glorious Hosokawa premiere., by Jean Ballard Terepka on June 13

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